Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thune's Public Trust_RNC_Police Violence

In wake of the RNC violence, the quest for answers begins - TwinCities.com

Was it right for police to pepper spray Leah Lane — her fingers in a peace sign and chanting "All you need is love" — because she wouldn't move?

Was it necessary to lock out would-be vandals as well as everyone else from north of downtown before John McCain's speech?

P T Bull wrote:
Let's see if the pioneer press can find excuses to keep the protesters on the front page for over a year. Hint--it ain't 1968, and the whole world wasn't watching. There just might be bigger issues on people's minds these days.
Like Denial of Due Process's suing Banks
like the vacant buildings now 2,045, economy: which Thune has ignored since Election 1992,
"takings" of citizens property rights, exploiting disabled,vunerable,seniors etc.

http://www.scribd.com/my_docs Read the pdf forensic files aka http://sharon-mn-ecf.blogspot.com

and or the Police acting in concort with DSI to Steal Cars,Trailers,Property Rights by Theft,Trespas,Treason
Apology Thune has wilfully failed to answer criminal Election Charges since 1992

**** and Bill Dahn Whistleblowers must expose Thune's Fraudulent Conveyance's, Signature on Unconstitutional Ordinances, Ratification of Assessments etc.
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Apology Thune has wilfully failed to answer criminal Election Charges since

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