Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where does Eva Ng really Live St.Paul or Scandia MN

Eva Ng for Mayor of St. Paul
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Eva Ng For Mayor of St. Paul
21503 Novak Ave. N.
Scandia, MN 55073

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Rule of Law re: Taxes_Homestead,Mark Oswald St.Paul,MN

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SharonAnderson,EvaNg,Obama's Legal Residence's,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sent: 7/30/2009 10:18:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Facebook Sharon Anderson,Eva Ng,Obama's Legal Residence's
23Thurs July2009
It has been brought to attention that
Click here: Blanda CEO MN - Google Search Isn't it interesting Legal Residence of Eva is perhaps her Boyfriend? Will Challenge in about 2 weeks.
  • About Eva Ng - Eva Ng For Mayor of Saint Paul, MN - Saint Paul ...

    Mr. Tilton subsequently became CEO of Texaco and eventually the CEO of United Airlines. ... Blanda, Inc. in Eagan, MN was one of my favorite projects. ... - Cached - Similar -
  • Mark K. Garski, Relator, vs. Blanda, Inc., Respondent ...

    Garski worked as a machine operator for respondent Blanda, Inc. On December 15, 1998, Garski argued with Blanda's CEO about a Minnesota Department of Labor ... - Cached - Similar -
  • Great Video Judicial Bribes upsetting the scales of Justice
    Great Respect for the Rule of Law Google
    Look what lawsuits cost....................Hang Tough I'm getting some cooperation from the CountySt Paul with links and pdf files sue me for my legal residence at 1058 Summit, which is a felony if I do not own 1058
    In due course the month of Aug will challenge Eva and myself on residence's
    Ramsey County Elections Confidantial 4 now RE: EVA'S ADDRESS
    ST PAUL MN 55102-4415
    PIN (Property ID#)NumberStreet AddressCity St St. Paul
    Tax and Property Look Up Information - Quick Info Eva's name is NOT on Statement for Legal Residence unless
    Sharon Anderson
    Legal Residence Address:
    1058 Summit Ave
    St Paul MN 55104-0384
    Campaign Contact Information:
    PO Box 4384
    St Paul MN 55104-0384

    Bill Dahn
    Legal Residence Address:
    725 Stryker Ave
    St Paul MN 55107
    Campaign Contact Information:
    PO Box 7417
    St Paul MN 55107

    Christopher B. Coleman
    Legal Residnece Address:
    686 Chippewa Ave
    St Paul MN 55107
    Campaign Contact Information:
    PO Box 14447
    St Paul MN 55117

    Eva Ng
    Legal Residence Address:
    190 Washington Street
    St Paul MN 55102
    Campaign Contact Information:
    Eva For Mayor, PO box 165
    2136 Ford Pkwy
    St Paul MN 55116

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Affidavit Lynn Moser_62cv09-1163 RICO Fraud

    Mon.27Jul09 re: 62cv09-1163_Ramsey Crt.File 37548
    TO: The Above named: Specifically the Financial Director of the City of St. Paul
    Please go over your Affidavit with a fine tooth comb,signed 8July09.
    VA_Widow_Whistleblower with Standing as Private AG,Attorney Pro Se, Defendant 42 USC 3631 must challenge based upon all Records, Tickets, Warrants,
    to the Validity of Fees/Assessments Ratified based on Theft,Trespass,Treason
    False Statements.
    Further: Affiants call 651-266-3051-to Student Attorney representing Susan Gaertner without a License
    arguing with Affiant that Theft, Trespass,Treason are NOT CRIMINAL CHARGES>
    (1) JURISDICTION /AUTHORITY : Rules of S&C have not been applied to 3 thousand property cases: to effect due process, specifically 697 Surrey
    (2) Defendant 697 Surrey committed NO CRIME, to have Car,TRailer,Water Shutoff
    therefore Constitutionality of Fees/Assessments are Unconstutionally Vague,Arbitrary,Capericious and cannot and must not be in the Courts, who futher
    have committed Prejudicial error: re: In the matter of Sharon Scarrella for Assoc.Justice 221NW2nd562 that Elections of Judges have illegally mandated a License for Elective Office of Judges.
    (3) Until legal process to 3 thousand property owners is perfected the lower court does not have jurisdiction to proceed and or have a Summary Judgment 20Aug09.
    With the exception as Candidate the
    State Court must have forensic files in 62cv09-1163 in pdf format.
    such as incorporated with Eva Ng
    Further Issues: That the DFL has singled out Sharon Scarrella Anderson for the past 30 yrs
    in a "Patterened Enterprise" to Steal Affiants Realestate, causing Death,Disability,Disparagment of Titles.
    Further Affiant sayeth not at this time: except the County,City have wilfully failed to address the "taking" 5th Amend. Clause of the US Constitution,
    Working on pdf format
    LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:
    Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower,
    Sharon4 Anderson - Google Profile Candidate AG2010 Blogger: User Profile: Sharon Anderson SharonsYahoo! iGoogle

    Homestead Act of 1862 Twitter / Sharon4Anderson Shar1058's Buzz Activity Page - My Buzz Activity - Yahoo! Buzz - Pro Se Dec Action Litigation Pack Sharon4Anderson Scribd Document's are based on SEC filings, Blogger: Dashboard Home
    FAIR USE NOTICEThis site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of whistleblower protection issues, MY FindLaw SharonsWritProA06_1150_30Jun06_26

    The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers
    Sharons-Psychic-Whispers: Sharons Gypsy Curse-Court-Cop Corruption 3Apr0 Sharon4Council: DLJ Managment v. City St. Paul A06-2118,Money LaunderinNo direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the US Supreme Court rulings in CHAS. C. STEWARD MACH. CO. v. DAVIS, 301 U.S. 548, 581-582(1937)
    g andFCC Complaints - http://sharons-copywrite.blogspot.comknowledge gained as financial journalists , securities they recommend to readers, affiliated entities, employees, and agents an initial trade Public domain recommendation published on the Internet, after a direct mail publication is sent, before acting Google Search Times v. Sullvian Libel with malice - on that recommendations, and may contain errors. Investment decisions should not be based solely on these or other Public Office documents expressly forbids its writers from having financial interests in Google Search BlogItBabe2007 Candidate profile Sharon4Anderson's Legal BlogBriefs Sharon4Anderson St.

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