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Kevin Duchschere


[deb-uh-nair] Show IPA
courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm: a debonair gentleman.
Reporter | Hennepin County
Phone: 612-673-4455

  1. Kevin Duchschere | Star Tribune KD Why do we get up in the Morning? As Affiant Sharon now in the Winter of her Years. Her Heritage Peterson Passion and Principles must inform the Citizenery even to the extent of the $500 filing fee.

  2. ISSUES: COUNT I Commerce

  3. CITY St.Paul via Chris Coleman's Corporate Welfare to the Demise of Homeowners and LandLords re: USSC 10-1332 titled Magner v. Gallagher. Disparate Impact unabated via MN AG Lori Swanson

  4. COUNT II Political Bribery ?

  5. HAS Chris Coleman via and Now used his NonProfit Official Capacity to create AntiTrust Issues in City St.Paul Legislation and Claims vs. City in his Elected Position of Mayor of St. Paul,MN Re: Payout to Corrupt Cops via Metro Gang Strike Force, 3 million

  6. Petition of the day
    By on Sep 19, 2013 at 10:42 pm
    The petition of the day is:
    Issue: (1) Whether a defendant can be convicted of the offense of honest-services-fraud-by-bribery as defined in this Court’s decision in United States v. Skilling, in the absence of a quid pro quo bribery agreement; and (2) whether the First Amendment permits jurors to consider evidence of a lobbyist’s legal campaign contributions, permissibly made to express appreciation toward and provide election assistance to political officials, as probative of whether the lobbyist engaged in corruption by putting other things of value to similar use.

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