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Apology if in duplicate  Affiant is Sick of the Harrassment of City St. Paul Stealing Cars,Trailers, Shutting off Water to Condemn  Currently it may be apparent that Asst. City Attorney Virginia Palmer is Advising the City Council, She must be also held Accountable, or Ineffective Assistance of Council.
            Open Letter to Mayor Chris Coleman,CouncilPres Russ Stark et al, Media,Mayoral Candidates, Citizenery. and
                          Criminal Complaints to Police Chief
               Todd Axtell, Ramsey Co. Attorney John Choi
                       both Contributed to Carters Campaign.
                       TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
                            COUNT I Title 18 and 42USCodes3631
                            Will use the St. Paul City Council Agenda Wed. 18Oct2017, Example
                     Specificall 805 Hudson Rd, Charging 20 Thous to Demolish this tiny Green Building, formerly Debbys Dog House, historic years ago a Gas Station.
                 Watching on Cable Pat Sxxx Negro Taxaction....... without Testimony of DSI inspector , Snavely WhiteWoman kicked out, Heller ADA Violations. all on Cable 18 without DSI Inspectors.

Sharon Anderson
4 mins 
Notice to City of Saint Paul - Government Sharon4Anderson Mayoral Candidate must force Elimination of Legislative Hearing Officer ie Marcia Mormound Condemnation of Private Property via Executive Branch DSI ie Department of Safety City of Saint Paul Department of Saftey and Inspections that Ghost Building Inspectors ie Ed Smith stalking the Citizenery, must go Straight to Council with Testimony of Building Inspectors…/16…/5Jul07RatAssLegal_22....
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1996—Pub. L. 104–294, § 604(b)(27), substituted “under title 18” for “under this title” wherever appearing in closing provisions.
                                  NOTICE GIVEN
                                  Sharon will lose the Mayoral Election but has standing to challenge Unconstutionality of Rank Voting, Canvass Board, Discrimination of many NonProfits and the PioneerPress to include Sharon,Trahern,Barnabus in the Debates, even tho Sharon first to File with $500.00 fee.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Council on 2017-10-18Richard S. Heller Tomato Guy ADA

City Council on 2017-10-18 3:30 PM - Budget Amendment Public Hearings at 3:30 p.m. Public Hearings at 5:30 p.m. - Oct 18th, 2017

                          Fri. 20Oct2017
                   GOD BLESS AMERICA
            Legal Notice to City St. Paul, Mayoral Candidates, Media, Public
                      City of St. Paul  MUST BE DENIED Federal Funds.
                           Strange Video is Blacked out only Sound.
                         Sharons Soul must make all Government Officials
                           Let the people endorse  Sharon the Kiss Candidate
Keep it simple and safe                             Accountable.

ADA Compliance | Interactive Accessibility
What is ADA Compliance? The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September ...
Humble Thanks to Richard S. Heller to bring to the Attention of Mayoral Candidates, that the City St. Paul is NOT in Compliance with the ADA Act.
                             God Bless Heller
              Watch the Video  cc to Holden, Holdbrick et al 
File #: RLH SAO 17-79    Version:  Name: 1223 Marion Street
Type: Resolution LH Summary Abatement Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 10/18/2017
Title: Appeal of Richard S. Heller to a Summary Abatement Order at 1223 MARION STREET.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Ward: Summary Abatement Order, Ward - 5
Attachments: 1. 1223 Marion St.appeal.9-2-17, 2. 1223 Marion 9-12-17, 3. 1223 Marion St.Photos #1.9-25-17 .pdf, 4. 1223 Marion St.Photos #2.9-25-17 .pdf, 5. 1223 Marion St.Owner Photos.9-26-17.pdf, 6. 1223 Marion St.Heller Ltr.9-29-17.pdf, 7. 1223 Marion St.Email.10-10-17

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